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nitpicky bitchin 2001-02-24 17:27:45
by obrien
OK first, let me get nitpicky for 30 seconds because Laird is right more often than a normal person should be so when I have the chance to prove him wrong I do a little dance. 30 seconds, then I'll STFU like I've never done before.

Notice that list of holidays again. Christmas, Mardi Gras, Easter, St. Patrick's day, and Valentine's day... Out of those 5, *1* is on the date of an ancient Roman holiday... People didn't know when Christ was born so they made something up.

Easter falls after Passover. Christ had a Passover supper, got killed the next day, and rose from the dead 3 days later... They have an exact date for that, so they didn't steal anything from the pagans.

Mardi Gras- Fat Tuesday- Catholics can't eat meat during Lent (40 days before Easter) so to keep the meat form going to waste they had a big party and ate it. No theft from pagans.

And St. Patrick's and Valentine's Day are feast days, which usually fall on the day that *saint* was born or died, or the best estimate. No theft.

Notice Halloween was not on here, it's not a Christian holiday in my opinion. All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day do fall within a day of it, though, so yes, you could consider that stealing from the pagans. It was actually just an attempt to keep people from thinking about ghosts and goblins and devils and fun stuff and think more about the holy Christian people in heaven. Sort of theft from the pagans.

I was just saying that if you're an atheist or you like to bash Christians, you shouldn't celebrate the holidays because then you're a hypocrite.