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flying superhero of nit-picking 2001-02-23 16:42:42
by marasmus
i'm here to nitpick. sorry. i'm just good at it. ;) I'm gonna work from the bottom up, cause i feel like screwing around.

almost every christian holiday that christians celebrate was a rip-off of a paegan holiday. This was done to conveniently get the paegans to start intermingling a little bit at catholic events and whatnot. The long term goal was assimilation, which was somewhat successful.. after all, these holidays are named by the christian name on our gregorian calendars.

So, if you're a christian, you better cross off nearly all of "your holidays" from the calendar.

On the denominational differences, most of them claim radical difference from other denominations (particularly Catholicism), but it normally boils down to if they clap their hands before sitting down, or some equally trivial difference in practice, entirely separate from beliefs or morals.

"Believing" in something such as birth control is a bit of a misnomer... actually just a very poor habit of vocabulary that easily confuses beliefs with real-world judgements of moral questions. People don't believe or disbelieve in birth control.. they either choose to support or fight against the use of contraceptives, 'morning-after pills', abortions, etc. as means of stopping fertilization and impregnation. There's my necessary rant on verbage for the day.

I'm done nitpicking now. :-P You can return to your regularly scheduled ranting.