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anti-christian? 2001-02-23 12:10:10
by marasmus
A few substantial differences in the anti-christianity statement from anti-otherstuff statements:
  • Christianity is a religion. Religions are chosen by each individual for that individual, at least in theory. Christianity is forced upon children in this culture. Thus, it is no longer functioning as a religion, but rather as a tyranny. Yes, other religions do this as well, but they are not prevalent, nor is their tyranny prevalent, in this society. It is this society in which we are concerned with anti-christian activity.
  • Our government is based on religious freedom. Many precedents exist in which religious autonomy is required by the government in order to complete its tasks. However, anyone unable to see the unlawful, unjust, and hypocrytical bindings that hold christianity to this supposedly-autonymous government are both ignorant and closed-minded.
  • Bashing or arguing with a religion or other structure based in thought is absolutely incomparable to bashing a physical property of someone or something. Thoughts are fluid and four-dimensional, whereas things like skin color are static and at the very most, 3 dimensional. Compare bashing Christianity with pro/anti-abortion arguments, as that is a much more suitable comparison.
I was a practicing Christian of my own free will for a very long time. I know the pro-Christian side of this argument probably much better than anyone who reads this. Just one morsel: was one of the only 'non-confirmed' (because i was so young) catholics ever to be regarded as a leader of the church in the very large parish i was a part of... twice. I didn't get there by accident. So those who are thinking "you don't know my side" can rest assured I know it incredibly well. However, I am not now a practicing Christian and have no reason to expect myself to return to being one in the future.

Part of making a point is to counter your own points. If you want to know yourself, know your enemy better. This applies for everyone, on all sides of such an argument. Think you know Christianity? Study the opposite. Think you don't like Christianity? Study it. Those who are not thorough in their arguments do not argue at all.

Not to piss you off/belittle you/bitch at you, Caridwen.. this was just a good opportunity for me to make my points, as you had provided a good foundation of counter-opinions. :)