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Thought. 2001-02-23 04:54:22
by caridwen
I was sitting on IRC tonight, like I usually do, and like usual, the subject of the stupid, pathetic, laughable, annoying, fanatical, evil christians came up. Five people out of the fifteen present started a ten mintue gangbang on the entire faith, the followers, the god, and just about everything else. Nobody cared. If these fuckheads had been ripping fat people, blacks, chicks, or pagans, they would have been booted faster then you can say "fuck you". But christian bashing is perfectly acceptable, they're just pathetic anyway....

I hate that. If it somehow gets out online or even at parties or wherever that I'm a practicing christian on my own free will, suddenly nobody wants _anything_ to do with me. I admit that there are some terribly fucked up people running around who share my faith, but fucked up, stupid, annoying, tactless and basically pathetic individuals can be found in any faith.

I've noticed that being pagan, atheist, or some other religion besides Christianity is considered socially acceptable, but everybody knows more people have been killed in the name of God then any other religion, so all Chrisitians suck. Of course, nobody stops to remember that during an incredibly long chunk of history, Christianity was the only practiced religion in Europe! Augh!!

I know this is a very badly put together rant, but I'm angry. I literally have to constaintly hide my faith from people because they think it's so horrid. I don't think I've ever been in a situation where christiany wasn't butt-fucked in the conversastion sooner or later. And if I try to defend my beliefs in anyway, I'm "preaching" and I'm "prejudice". I'm just tired of it. It's so mindlessly hurtful and there's nothing I can fucking do about it.