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"AOL gave me a Static IP!!:" 2000-04-28 17:43:00
by vahman
I think right now is a great time to get in the MP3 market. Why not, you will get sued, show up on ZDNet, and then you can share a cell with Mafiaboy!

You know, some people in this world are so dumb. I talked with Compaq today to ask them if their Compaq Aero PDA could be synchronized over dial-up with an Exchange Server, or if the POP3 server was required to be installed and running. He said, "Yes, our PDA's come with an installed modem." What the hell is that. Moron!!!

Sorry to get off on a little rant there, but I couldn't help it.

Question of the day: If hell froze over, would I be running AOL on Slackware?