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More IT harassment and fucking angst 2001-02-21 11:21:08
by marasmus
Want to see a company made solely for the sake of profiteering on a catch-phrase?

Penguin Computing.

The choice of the name "Penguin Computing" has very clear intentions to be in the business of providing Linux-related computing services or products. In fact, they sell servers that 'run linux'. Redhat 6.2 or 7.0 only, and only one of those two, depending on the server.

They are intent on providing Redhat-proprietary servers, with hardware such as Adaptec RAID controllers, that only run under a binary driver release for the 2.2.14 kernel (which is VERY old and has MANY major problems that can be critical to a production environment). They do not sell, support, or promote other distributions of Linux on their servers. In fact, many of the servers CAN'T run other distributions, because of the proprietary drivers written just for RedHat that have been made for some of their hardware.

This is the same spewing flood of bullshit that Dell does with their PowerEdge servers. This is the same shit I deal with daily. and Penguin Computing think they're providing people a service by selling them into lock-in hardware that can only run one release of one distribution of Linux.

This is what I call a steaming wheelbarrow of shit. For the record, I will personally go out of my way to protest the promotion or use of Penguin Computing products and services as long as they maintain this policy of using lock-in products. I will insult the employees, their spouses, their children, their pets, and their mothers given any opportunity possible. I'm personally offended and flat-out pissed-the-fuck-off that YET ANOTHER company actively sabotoges the reputation of the Linux kernel by misrepresenting it with such indignation. They claim to be based around Linux, but they only do one distribution, on proprietary bullshit hardware...

Fucking marketing ploy deceiving prancing bullshit. Will the idiocy ever end?