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Invading California 2001-02-20 19:21:55
by vahman
I am currently in Carlsbad, CA which is right outside of San Diego. It is pretty cool here, and my company went all out once again, so I am having a really good time.

I can also spend a good amount of time away from Marasmus, so his breath is no longer locking up my laptop (This is revenge for calling me a talkative son-of-a-bitch).

Oh, and if anyone can fulfill Marasmus' request for even one of the pieces of hardware needed to build the new shell server, I can personally guarantee that Stalemeat and Marasmus will tag-team and suk yo' dik. I will even video-tape it if you would like (of course we would send a complimentary copy of this tape to your mother so that she can see the fruits of her labor).

I will be home sometime on Thursday which will be nice. And when I do, oh yes, when I do....................................