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BREAKING THE LAW! 2000-04-28 16:50:00
by pogo
Wee...after 10 min of reading, 1 bad floppy disk, and the removal of one crappy isa ide controller, i was ready to install OpenBsd on a 350M Micropolus scsi hard drive, a 486dx4 100 (thanks stalemeat :), and a 3com etherlink card. I made a local mirror of the i386 directory and away i went, i must say, it is the most ghetto install on earth, but DAMN they pack alot in there. It was also really easy. It made installing windows look like a pain in the ass. I really am impressed. SSH and all.

There is really going to be one purpose for this machine....ANTI-SNIFF! :) I love to flood my lan with bs. It's great. I'm not sure i mentioned it, but NMAP is a great scanner if ya really wanna look at your network. It does a good job being a network hog too...:)

i forgot to mention the monitor for this machine, its an Acer 54e i pulled from some one's trash. It works kinda. Has all the colors, just the horizontal area is fucked to all hell.

The moral to this story...Don't waste good machines! Make a lan of BS and have fun. If i could just find an AUI ethernet adapter.... ;) Get that spanish sparc up. OOOOO.

According to good morning America, adding $0.20 to a six pack will cause some STD's to drop 9%. I'd like to see how that works...HEHEHE.