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hate edge for life 2001-02-11 17:38:04
by obrien
*disclaimer* before I get shit for hanging out with this guy, I don't. I would never voluntarily hang out with him. Sometimes he's at a party I'm at, or I make plans with a couple people and he invites himself... I'm not a masochist, you know. Don't you love how a single person can ruin your whole week?

Even though I got bit by a dog last night, it would have been cool as shit if it weren't for this guy John.

First of all, he's a huge motherfucker, like twice the size of me. I'd be shocked if he weighed less than 250 lbs. He's about 6'4 and really stocky.

He's also an asshole. I guess he figures he can do whatever he wants 'cause no one would dare talk shit to him. So he constantly makes fun of everyone, but I don't really care. Everybody laughs, we have a good time, it's forgotten in 5 minutes.

What really pisses me off is that he thinks it's funny to beat everyone's ass. Like my friend Aaron, who got hit by a car and has a metal rod in his leg- John punched him, threw his crutches across the room, and laughed as Aaron hopped over to get them. He's just a complete and total asshole.

Now, I don't know if it's because I'm "one of the guys" but John is constantly beating my ass, too. This morning I woke up barely able to move my right arm (I've got a perfect imprint of his knuckles on my shoulder) and completely unable to move my swollen, nasty-black-and-purple-colored middle finger.. He tried to break my fingers last night... now I probably should have pulled my hand away and told him to fuck off, but instead I didn't even look up.. He was twisting my finger into positions that I didn't know were possible, and I finally looked up and said, "What the hell? Is that supposed to hurt?" I knew he was pissed and he grabbed my pinky and tried to fuck that one up too, so I just gave him a funny look and continued my conversation with Kelly.

I'm sure I'm making things worse for myself because he's just going to try harder to hurt me, but it pisses him off that he can't hurt me. I don't flinch when he punches me, I don't say anything when he kicks me, I just look at him like he's retarded.

I feel so powerless because all I can do is play mind games with him. I know for a fact that if I hit him back, he'll punch me in the face.

So I'm pretty sure that some night, he's gonna catch me in a bad mood and I'm going to break a chair over his head. Hopefully that'll knock him out, 'cause otherwise I'll get my ass beat.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate people.