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"violence jack-off" 2001-02-08 11:59:16
by marasmus
My employment currently has me to the point of craving the commitment of hate-crimes on masses of people. Nothing's organized, but everything is considered mission-critical, and they have a binary priority system. If it's important at all, it has to be done in 5 seconds. otherwise, it doesn't matter and can be neglected for as long as two years.

I don't see how things like technical-contact-email-addresses for all of our domain names should be ignored, neglected, and never mentioned to the unix sysadmin who has to handle all DNS-related issues... I also don't see how nobody in the company can have the password for this email account (which is hosted third-party) and then expect me to go magically fix it. I'd like to magically affix my boot out their face, through their ass, but i think that's a different sort of repair. Hopefully a social remedy.

This is just one of a steaming mile-high shitpile of mismanagement and dysfunction that makes working in an IT job hell. Businesspeople who think they're smart get into IT business, because it seems profitable, blah blah etc etc etc marketing bore etc blah value-added blah... and they somethow, so delusionally, think that their supposed understanding of "business" (which is actually an understanding of making money, and NOT an understanding of business) will compensate for the botched, hacked, and flat-out-shitty technical job they do of actually providing their service to their clients at a specified level of service.

I wish that this was an isolated incident, but the same crap goes on with every damn company out there, and going from this hellish job to another hellish job doesn't do anything but move the steaming wheelbarrow of shit to a new location. The only real benefit is that maybe i'd stop driving 100 miles a day to get to and from work.

Hey, can I please remove the DEVELOPMENT work from our PRODUCTION servers (WHY THE FUCK is it there in the first place?), without removing it, and re-set-up an older version of our software that didn't work worth a damn in the first place?

I see the enjoyment of working construction at times like this.