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Simple solutions 2001-02-01 21:24:46
by scrantoine
Reality shows got you down? *Yeah...* Angry at the people who are in them? *Yeah* Wish those exec.'s in those big shinny buildings would just disolve into shapeless mass? *Yeah!* Feeling especially militant today and need an outlet?!? *YEAH!!!* Well then, fret no more my friend...there IS something you can do!!! *Whats that?!?* SHUT THE FUCK UP! *oh...* DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE! *eh...* QUIT LOOKING OUT FOR SOMEONE ELSE!! *but I'm smart, I know what's wrong with the world...* YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT! YOU ARE ONE PERSON OUT OF A COUNTLESS NUMBER THAT NEVER RESTS! YOUR CONCEPTION OF KNOWLEDGE IS NOTHING COMPAIRED TO THE WHOLE! *That's not true!! I'm an individual!! I'm unique!* FUCK YOUR UNIQUENESS! GET THE FUCK BACK IN LINE! YOU DO THE SAME THINGS EVERYONE ELSE DOES, IN A SLIGHTLY ALTERED MANNER TO COMFORT YOURSELF INTO A SENSE OF INDIVIDUALITY! YOU ARE BORN, YOU LIVE, AND YOU DIE...ALL THE SAME! YOU CONSUME AND YOU PRODUCE, GATHER WHAT "KNOWLEDGE" YOU CAN AND PASS IT ON BEFORE YOU DO! EVERYONE DOES THE SAME FUCKING THING! *You are wrong, it's a social's society!* ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?!?! WE FUCKING CREATED SOCIETY! YOU WANT TO BLAME SOCIETY?!? BLAME YOUR GOD DAMN SELF! *Fuck you, you are wrong! I'm right, cause I'm smart and different and I know whats wrong with the world.* YOU HAVE FAILED IN YOUR TASK, YOU WILL BE REPLACED. All I know is that I know nothing. {End boredom-induced babble}