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see.. what i tell ya... 2001-02-01 04:20:26
by caridwen
The reason reality t.v flourishes in this country is because there are millions of nose picking cretins not worth a buck fifty, working low rent jobs, livin' in low rent homes, wearing low rent clothes, and driving low rents cars. They all sit at home in front of the t.v watching temptation island wishing they could be one of the young beautiful people. They salivate all over their dirty wife beaters hoping that one day they could be on a show like that and turn out to "be somebody", when the effort it takes to reach over, pick up the phone and order pizza almost makes them black out.

We also have sleezy, greasy, dickless Hollywood exectutives who spend the day rubbing the tight, firm asses of their 21 year old "personal assistants" and getting paid a couple million a year for it. These assholes perpetuate the common social beliefs that make many self respecting people want to open a vein:

  • Greed
  • Chauvinism
  • Blind Conformity
  • Beautification of stick thin, breastless, asseless, thighless, sickly, starving, fainting waifs like Calista Flockhart, and Kate Moss.
  • And my personal favorite, Discouraging any form of individual, original, creative, talented thought because "somebody might DO something!!"

Bow down and worship the Faceless God of Mass Media. The all powerful ruler of social fungus. Bathe in the fecal matter of mental depravity and intellectual sewage. Don't question, don't think, don't reason. Go out and buy, charge it to your visa card. Feed the social Behemoth we've created.

Look around you, we have.

The reasons for reality t,v are the same for every other fucked up thing on this mudball. Nobody wants to look at the problem. We wear blinders until it stares us down and then we point fingers, because it "can't possibly be MY fault!". Then the endless rounds of responsibilty tag are played until the problems slowly drift out of our narrow field of vison and we go on like nothing happened.

How can an abused wife, or drug addict, or low life slob watching Temptation Island possibly be able to leave/stop using/get a job if they can't face the realities of their situations? Instead of accepting that she's got issues and needs counciling/has a problem and needs help/is a lazy bum who should have been beaten more these people make excuses about life and their situations... He's kicking me in the ribs cause his laundry is wrinkled/I don't have a problem, I'm in control/I have no job and no girlfriend because my parents don't love me.

So in conclusion, we have fucked up t.v cause everybodies stupid. And since this factor isn't likely to change until God shakes his etch-a-sketch and the universe disappears, I suggest buying lots of lubricant, pulling down your pants and just grabbin' dem ankles.

If you hold still, I think you might be able to sit down next week.... Maybe.

(insert banjo music from Deliverance here)