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irritable bowel syndrome 2001-02-01 01:06:04
by obrien
OK, is anybody else sick of this so-called reality tv?? Yeah, in real life people often find themselves stranded in the Australian outback playing games for the chance to win a million dollars. Happens all the time.

I was watching a show today called Temptation Island. Apparently, several couples were flown out to a tropical island full of single people. The couples were separated and sent to opposite sides of the island, where they could mingle with single members of the opposite sex. Each night they had to go out on a date with someone, and every so often they could send video messages to their significant other.. that's the only contact they had. But they got to watch videos of their significant other's dates, which usually consisted of getting drunk, naked, and friendly in a hot tub...

These people are idiots. I'm sure they're being paid quite a bit, but not one of them is going to leave the island with their relationship intact. I'm sure that there's not a single person on earth who, if placed in that situation, wouldn't do something to piss off their bf/gf.. Honestly, if I were on an island with a bunch of half-naked single guys, I'd have a really hard time keeping my distance.

So these people are throwing away perfectly good relationships for money... What the hell is happening to the world today? But it's just as sad that the producers of the show are profiting from someone else's heartache.