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True love?! 2001-01-25 13:12:57
by pogo
Well it seems some one loves me. I got an email here at vectorstar from these idiots. Wondering what scam they were pulling, i click the link (i love a good scam, like selling a empty ps2 box for $400). It turns out they want you to enter in emails of people _YOU_ think have a crush on you, to whom they will email you love them. AND, If you happen to get it right, they send you a special email. BUT, if you get it wrong, they give you a hint. HOW you ask? BY SIGNING UP FOR A SERVICE. BAM. SCAM. FREE SERVICE MY ASS, They will make atleast 20 cents per idiot who signs up (i did with a random email similar toi Why the hell didn't i think of this.

Well, back to square one. My lab is almost complete, i am lacking one hub, and a null modem cable. Some one wanna donate ^_^

Take care, and remember, the next time you have a crush on some one, fucking tell them ^_^ and not fall for the scam.