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at least I speak English 2001-01-17 01:17:10
by obrien
Well, today, after finding the only nice pair of shoes that I have melted to the backseat of my car, the lens of my glasses popped out and the frames bent, and running out of gas for the second time this week, I decided to run a taxi service.

Explanations might be necessary.

I drive people around. A lot. Usually 6-7 in my 5-seater Jeep. For little to no gas money. And people break my stuff. Like my cupholders, which I spent my Christmas gift certificate on because I thought I would be nice to my passengers. One is MIA and the other one somebody dropped on the side of the road and it got run over. And someone broke my glasses, which were in my bookbag inside their case.

But what really pisses me off is stuff like last night, I once again had 7 people in my car for more than an hour. Suddenly it smelled strongly of gas because I carry a gas can in my car because no one gives me gas and I drive them to Clearwater and back without getting a dime and I run out of gas at least once a week- I'm not kidding. Whew, *breathing*. So I asked the two people in the back if the gas can was open/leaking/tipped over/being sodomized, and they said it wasn't. Hmm.... So this morning I go out to my car to get something and I open the back... my only pair of dressy shoes are lying on the carpet, even though I had put them in a bag the night before. Whatever, the bag spilled. So I try to pick them up and they're stuck to the carpet. Apparently melted by the gas leaking from the gas can that was tipped over. I had to rip the carpet up to remove them, and Brian gets pissed that I bitched at him.

So I decided today that there will be a minimum fee to ride in my car, and an extra charge if I have to take you home. If more than 3 people are riding in my car, that's an extra 50 cent from each passenger. And never, ever, ever will there be more than 5 people in my car. If I had my way, the only people in my car would be Kelly and Nicole because they take care of my stuff, but I can't do that. So hopefully I'll either a) not have so many people in my car and/or b) make some money.

So I'm basically going to be the neighborhood taxi, like I've been for the past 3 years, but this time I'll be making money. I only wish I could get my hands on a meter.