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flight of the regexp 2001-01-16 19:26:59
by marasmus
let us hypothesize that, for some reason, Marasmus decided to run the MySQL filesystem on a production bocks. Let us hypothesize, hypothetically, that he uses some perl module to make his database functions write to this filesystem.

Now let's hypothesize that SATAN came DOWN FROM THE SKIES and said, "Marasmus, YOU MUST DIE..."

oh damn. that's not original.. sheeit. Well anyways, we switched to PostgreSQL because it's a little more compliant to the SQL standards (and SQL is pronounced "ess-que-elle", according to the gawt-damn RFC, for those salad tossers out there who got an MS SQL client stuck in their ass), has some cleaner implementations of things, and is super-duper platform independent (compared to MySQL). I used to use MySQL, but it just doesn't quite hack it like postgres, so there yah have it.

Now, if someone were to make a JesusFishFS, in which i could store only ellipsoid text of the letters "J-E-S-U-S" inside a fish-like symbol (but is actually an old paegan symbol for fertility - just turn the "tail" of the fish down and tell me that doesn't remind you of a snatch). If that were the case, Marasmus would find ways to encrypt the bits of the letters "J-E-S-U-S" with individual haikus, and would thus use said JesusFishFS for the sake of the HAIKU for YoU!!! engine.

Damn. I need a new hobby.