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Return of the book.....*ugh* 2001-01-14 15:52:58
by scrantoine
Hey there kiddies, its scrantoine, a.k.a. college boy, reporting from beautiful (if not ghetto) Knights Court. The new semester has arrived, but what does this mean? It is a time to renew the academic spirit, to enjoy the company of new acquaintances, to....aww, who am I fooling...its just a new semester of bullshit to deal with. Academic spirit? Not quite, try more General Education classes to dick around with. New acquaintances? Hahah, how about new people to look at you funny because you are not sporting the latest in fashion gayness. New classes require new books...what a waste, last semester I spent $200something on four books. I only opened one of those books and made 3 Bs and 1 A with minimal effort on my part. This year I am taking some more interesting classes, classes that have something to do with my Ethics in Science and Technology(Marasmus would love this class)and Intro to Digital Media(this is my major, and two of our projects are web pages:P). The other two classes are Economics *makes jerkoff motion* and Art History II...thats right, Art History. I thought this class was not needed for my major but I was wrong...much to my dismay. So now I proudly present a picture of a happy me with my wonderful new book...

God damnit.