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the twisty slide 2001-01-14 14:24:03
by marasmus
Obrien: that was great. There are some things happening to downtowm St. Pete that are really changing it, and not necessarily for the better.

but... i'd like to suggest that perhaps you're looking at the effects of the changes and not the causes of them. The apparent cause of your trouble involved the yuppies all over downtown. I see the yuppies flooding downtown as an effect, and certainly not a cause. It's the cause OF the yuppies showing up that should be of the most concern.

Also... think about how long ago it was that we were the ones avidly listening to college radio. We were the oh-so "alternative". Think about sitting around Phil's house listening to 'For Squirrels' while our ambitions were the exact ambitions that ushered us (and perhaps still do) toward that same yuppie-ness seen in those people downtown.

What's so different about 'punk' and 'yuppie'? What is really all that different? Aren't the differences just surface-scratches?

I love the rant. It brings up a great starting point for a lot of thought and opinion... My opinion is that there's more lying underneath the surface that is worthy of attention, and that's what I try to give it. :)