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A huge penis found in my pants...more news at 11....... 2000-04-26 20:03:00
by pogo
Ok Ok, I'm not claiming this as my own news, I didn't find it on my own. However, Limp Bizkit is backing napster. A Web site was created to send money to metallica. and Dr Dre sues napster. my three thoughts.

Good for Limp Bizkit, Why can I borrow a cd from a friend, or listen to it all day on the radio, but not have it on my hard drive.

I think the foward money to Metallica is a scam. Some ones gonna get rich. We all know I love metallica, but come on $50 for a 2 hour show pisses me off. It was great, but get real, I wouldn't pay it again.

Now we all know for years the rappers have been stealing music from other people and mixing it up. Why is Dr Dre any different. Does this man really have a PHD? I'd like to know. If not, you can all call me "Dr Huge Penis". I'd really want that :) And finally, what good is if it you preach steal from whitey, kill oposing gangs, rape women, and fuck the US, if all you do in the end is seek alot of money for the few people who listen to your music and can use a computer ;)

Finally, I don't have all the answers. I didn't really research Dr Dre. And I don't even give a damn about the pay metallica web site. But i do know this....UNIX is still my choice for a server, no matter what any one says. And as for the fat fuck in my class who thought he was cool, where did he go? Maybe he read my post, got a clue i hated him, and left town. We can only hope.

A good evening to all who read this. Just my thoughts. Don't hate me if I am wrong, I blame it on Dr Dre.