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a little gimpy 2000-02-04 02:04:00
by marasmus
So i'm a stupid ass and the latest webserver upgrade didn't so so well... two hours of downtime on the mail server was the part that really made me angry with myself, otherwise i woulda been happy... especially since i thought i had the mail server going... :>

If i'm not mistaken, everything necessary is back online. i'll get the web server parsing php3 again when i'm not pulling my hair out.

The good news of all of this is that now, if you really want a username longer than 8 characters, you can have it. Accounts are still free, and I don't see that changing anytime soon, despite current unstable unemployment trends and expensive network charges. enjoy it cause everyone else out there is too busy being a selfish prick to give up a little time and work to actually better the quality (rather than quantity) of content on the net. As long as people have something to say or show or do, there's space for it here. enjoy.