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Listen up 2001-01-14 03:33:48
by piercedfreak
Obrien: You are a friend of mine. I like the punk scene, I like the music, the look, hell, I even lived on the streets of Amsterdam. The point I am trying to make is that YOU OR I ARE NOT PUNK!!!! Maybe you are in today's twisted society, hell, maybe I even am considered so. If you look back upon true punk rock, you or I can't even hold a candle to it. You call yourself punk rock, but you drive mommy and daddy's cars, you live in a suburban house in a good neighborhood, and you've got your share of life's necessities. The same goes for me. The punks that I grew up around in London did not have this. They lived on the streets because they did not have a family. They dumpster dove because they were looking for morsels of food to fill their compacted bellies. They did not have the option to go back to a decent life. This did not exist for them. You, however, choose to deem yourself a member of a lifestyle that you know nothing about. Yeah, you're punk in the sense that you like the music and the style, but not because you have to be. You "stay on the streets" because you don't like the rules that mommy and daddy put on you. You dumpster dive because it's "punk rock." Shit, if any of my old punk friends had a house to go to, they would jump at the chance. My point is, you are looked down upon by the "yuppies" because you choose to be. Your choice is your choice. However, don't bitch about the way you are treated for something that you have control over. I get shit all of the time because of my ears and my tattoos. I knew that I would when I got it done, and I have no room to bitch about it. The day that you have nobody to help you is the day that you have a right to talk shit. Mussolini P.S. I still love you, I just needed to go off on something and you just happened to be a target.