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Vicks? For a cold? Really?! 2001-01-07 06:21:50
by obrien
My mom gets pissed at me when I complain that I can't breathe. I thought moms were supposed to worry and buy you medicine and make you chicken soup when you're sick.

I hope none of you get the cold that I have. Apparently there's two kinds going around: the stuffy nose sore throat icky head cold, and the stuffy nose body ache wheezing chest cold. I have the chest cold, while every other one of my friends has the head cold. So next week, I'll have the head cold. The only other person who has what I have is Nicole, and she's been to the hospital twice this week because the excessive phlegm in her lungs is triggering asthma attacks.

My mom also gets pissed if I complain that I can't sleep if I can't breathe. She offers me Nyquil, which is a cough suppressant, not an expectorant, and doesn't understand that if I pass out for 6 hours and can't cough that I'll wake up with twice as much thick nastiness in my lungs and then I'll pass out from lack of oxygen when I stand up. I'm wheezing like a bitch and breathing really fast, because my lungs are only working at about half capacity right now and if I try to breathe at a normal pace I get light-headed.

So I'm sitting here with VapoRub on trying to clear up my nose so it'll stop draining into my lungs, and it feels really nice in my nose but it's making my tits all cold and tingly.

Anyhow, that was long and pointless, but I haven't really gotten too much sleep these last few days and it's starting to get to my head. Just remember to avoid people who are wheezing and coughing up their lungs like me. I feel like I have the plague. Hopefully this Robotussin will loosen the ickiness in my lungs today so that tonight I can take Nyquil without fear of death. I really need to get some sleep because I start my new classes tomorrow.