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Tidbits of information 2001-01-05 21:27:35
by toby
After reading some monkeymail I decided to see what was so all compelling about Once the site loaded I noticed something shocking, uses Slash. For those who don't know Slash is the bit of code that SlashDot uses. Infact SlashDot was originally created to test and make use of the Slashcode. I also noticed one other thing.. the layout was very familiar. I then remembered NewsForge. If you pull up both sites you will notice the resemblance, they both have the same main graphic for instance. Upon further inspection you will notice that they both have very similiar catagories. Both even link to some of the same sites! In closing, i wonder if both of these sites are owned by the same person or group. I will ask around and post my findings if anyone really cares.