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hopefully I'll get more ass this year. 2001-01-03 22:47:53
by obrien
I've disappeared for a week and nothing has changed.

Well, even though my holiday season wasn't quite as cool as Stale's or Kmart's or Marasmus', I still managed to have a pretty good time. Although a new car would have been nice.

The day before New Year's Eve- fun. I drove my ass to Gainesville to see a band that wasn't actually playing, but that I thought was playing because this girl wanted to make up with her boyfriend and knew that I wouldn't drive 3 hours to see the Beltones. (Although they were a good band.) But I did get to check out some very hot skinheads, see an idiotic drunk guy get his ass kicked, and go to an awesome kegger. The only part that sucked was the whole 12 people sleeping in a two bedroom apartment thing, 2 of which were having sex, one had a broken leg, and one weighed about 300 pounds. I slept on the couch with Jeanette and Deke. Dan stole my blanket, it was 19 degrees, and the heat didn't work. I tried snuggling with Deke, but he farted on me in his sleep. Needless to say, neither Deke nor Dan were allowed in my car the next day.

But other than that little adventure and the fact that I now have the flu, I've had a pretty good time this holiday season. But I was a little disappointed that we didn't all die a fiery death at midnight, seeing as how this year was the _REAL_ millennium..........