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there's just mah ballz! 2000-04-25 22:03:00
by marasmus
BAHAHAH i managed to do a NET install of slackware linux without a single problem on a P200MMX clocked at 2.0v instead of 2.8, which is spec for the chip!! Even better I got bored and tried overclocking it to 266 at 2.0V and it posted!!! HAHAHA i love it when i use REAL hardware (Shuttle 569 i430TX motherboard) and everyone else uses korean shit.

PC Hardware quality is going downhill really fast... it looks like the final hardcore motherboard has been produced - the Shuttle AB61. If you think you know overclocking, but try to tell me to use an ABit, or even better, an ASUS board, over a Shuttle AB61, I'd like to invite you to sign yourself up for night school with all the other basket weaving, weed-cultivating, bong-resin-cleaning canidates. Let me spell this out to you....


Now that you're done choking on my pungent truth, have a lovely day and slap some ayass tonight.