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Cool. 2001-01-02 00:12:10
by pogo
DOH!, i fucked up and hit enter ^_^

Ok, cool to whoever is below me posting about how he found his woman.

Now then, my old coding pals came back to live from suspended animation, or something, and we are back to work, designing a site, working on code, the usual stuff.

I also want you to know i was planning on releasing the nifty tool i was working on to allow you to spoof packets. Well the source is gone, as i accidentally deleted it. I will work on it again. It _DID_ exist, and then i pooped.

Well, finally, I must say, the last year was exciting, many changes for us all. Children came to some of us. While others were given gifts of jobs. I want to say thank you to all my friends at vector, and i wish the best to all of us during the coming year. I already see things coming to Stale soon, maybe he'll stfu ^_^. So later! And have a great new year.