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HAPPY NEW YEAR... especially to me!!!! 2000-12-31 21:43:03
by chevy
Just to let everyone know of the happiness that I have recieved for christmas, I fulfilled a prophecy of mine this christmas day. Many years ago I swore that when the time was right and when I felt that I had found the right woman, that I would come to her on a mighty steed and offer her a glass slipper that fit only her, cradled within would be a ring... presenting these gifts to my love I would swear my very breath to her and on one knee await her acceptance. This christmas I finally did this for my Sara, I of course made some modern upgrades, such as the mighty steed was a horse made of steel with a 800cc v-twin engine, and the glass slipper was appropriately replaced with a crushed velvet doc marten, size six... after rolling onto the grass and dismounting my horse, I held her tight against me and tried not to shake with fear, I then fell to one knee and swore myself to her for the rest of my life if only she would walk with me thru this world, and be the one to hold me in my final moments... she smiled as I slipped the emerald ring onto her finger and her eyes almost matched the deep green and shine of that polished stone. She has given me what I have searched for all my life, happiness and someone to trust with all things. I have settled in the past for less than what I need, to save myself from being alone... I no longer need to settle, we all have to feel betrayal and know what it is to be completely alone before we can be ready to truly love the one we are meant to be with... I've have made peace with my shadows and now can feel the light of the sun. Thank you my love... and thank you to all of my friends for being true to the word so I could finally find my way...