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Oh.. shit.. yeah.. Geico. 2000-12-25 21:45:26
by marasmus
the reason that geico is so interesting is because they gave me a price quote for insurance on my soon-to-be-new-car. For someone that's 20, wanting to get full coverage, and has had one ticket for a moving violation, they want to charge me $4342.90 every six months. That's all I have to say about that. If you don't understand, someone already beat me to spoon-lobotomizing you in the back of a child-molester van.

Vahman and I did a very scientific test with Geico's site and proved that there is a CONSPIRACY in the car insurance industry. American cars ALWAYS get lower rates for insurance than imports. My current Honda Civic, with no accidents on my record, is still more expensive than his RED MUSTANG with an accident and 3 or 4 tickets. i forgot how many that bitchass has. My soon-to-be Acura Integra is more than $2000/yr more under Geico than his RED MUSTANG. Even with his bitchass driving record. crack rock. crack. rock. smoke it.

I'd like to let the insurance industry know that although they want to rape me with insurance rates, I don't care. I'll just wiggle-stick my way into a good plan with my current car insurance nazi provider and get something around $1400 every six months, just to show geico that their mouth resides on the backside of my saq. it will remain there eternally, because they have lost my business for the remainder of my life. absolute fucking fools.

BTW, I'm supposedly in the "highest risk" category because i'm 20 (though i'll be 21 by the end of my insurance term if i started an insurance policy now, and 21 is a breaking point for dropping insurance) and i've had ONE ticket in 4 years of driving. If that's "highest risk" i'm wondering what two DUI's and a vehicular homocide qualifies for. If anyone has a quote to show, please show me! I'm really curious. Afterwards, I'll decapitate you on national TV for having two DUI's and a vehicular homocide. Asshole.

I've got a Britney Spears blowup doll on order for Vahman because his credit card was declined for his RealDoll purchase. MMmmmmmm. camel toe.