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just to piss ya off 2000-12-25 19:59:51
by marasmus
Obrien: Women lack balls. physically. That's why said unnamed bitch lacks balls. She ain't got no D (at least we hope!)... Well, she might steal the D (which is an act even more tactless than shoplifting the pooty), but she definitely don't have none of her own.

Vahman: You think you're Sammy Davis, Jr. all of a sudden or what? Slappin ya nuts up on stage and talkin' cheer like this is a syndicated TV network. You need to get that Christmas Ayasss and leave it at that! :) Oh wait, i think you already had that covered when I got home today... wh0000ps!

I just wanted to rant about how the Diamond Rio 500 doesn't work right in Linux, fries itself, wastes battery life in 3 hours (not the 14 hours advertized), generally sucks dick, and when it IS working (in Win98 only), it keeps track of your mp3's like the Thought Police(tm). Bawls.

HAIKU for YoU!!!
shameless public ploy
elbow-deep in your own ass
fucking circus freak