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Chevy's nuts roasting on an open fire... 2000-12-24 18:02:50
by obrien
Nothing makes the holidays brighter than finding out that someone you don't like is being played like a bitch. (Chevy, you know who I'm talking about)

First off, this chick talks shit about everyone behind their back. She doesn't have the balls to do it to their face... I've never seen her fight, although she always talks about how she beat this guy's ass and this chick's ass and blah blah blah. The one fight I _know_ that she was in, she bit the other chick. What a pussy.

Anyhow, the guy she's dating, the one that she wants to marry and whose children she wants to bear, hates her. She never stops bitching, and the only thing that keeps him from dumping her is the fact that she pays his rent and buys him all sorts of shit that he doesn't even ask for... The other day he asked for a cigarette and she gave him 5 bucks.

And another thing- she's jealous of me because she thinks I'm trying to fuck her boyfriend...

All I know is that it makes me very happy to know that a conceited bitch is being fucked so hard and she doesn't even know it....

And a Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and Shitty Ramadan to you all.