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19" of love 2000-12-24 12:24:08
by pogo
It's definately nice to be back on my 19" monitor, on my dual p-pro 200's (which is pimp as hell) with 128 megs of ram.
So far win2k runs rather well on them...after i back up my shit from my other harddrive, we'll test out linux :)
With new dev machine in place, and hard drive fans on my stupid seagate's (duh!), maybe this fucker will run faster.
Now I rant about the board. The bios is sooooo fucking straight foward. The only options you can change are "disable" and "enable" shit. You really can't go wrong. The on board ultra wide scsi is fucking nice. It appears to support 17 devices, or something. Cool eh? The onboard sound got disabled by *ME* in windows 2k. However, both the crystal audio and my SB Live (creative are a bunch of fags) seemed to run at the same time, so I dunno. I left both game ports enabled... 2 joysticks for me ;)
Finally, I must mention, that all the books I *HAVEN'T* read, will be read this week (hopefully). If ya wanna be a wanker, just give me a call.