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work! 2000-12-22 08:42:41
by pogo
This is my first post from work. In three short hours, I will be at home, resting, getting paid....PAID FOR ALL NEXT WEEK. So remember that I, Pogo, have a super job, because, well, I have mad skillz...
Now then, some one needs to find me a memory board for a quad xeon board. Then I, Pogo, master of no work, and get paid, will have a quad xeon machine, working away, as my slave. Isn't bondage nice?
Finally, I have a wish list for Christmas from my pal's at vector:
Forge: STFU, Come over, Chill.
Vahman: STFU, Come over, Chill.
Marasmus: STFU, Come over, Chill.
Caridwen: just STFU.
Toby: STFU, don't tell me what to type. Suck on my balls.
Thank you for your time. If you feel compelled to give me some gifts that i have mentioned above, you know where to find me (at home, getting paid).