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Life, Love and Sara... my happiness. 2000-12-16 19:06:16
by chevy
There are very often times in life that try our hearts and souls. The pain of our loved ones that you can't take away, the sorrow of hardship that can tear apart those to weak to make it together... then there are different days, and different people. There are those who will not let you down even if it threatens to destroy them. There are some who would give you the heavens if they could only reach them... not only am I graced enough to be in the presence of someone like this, I am allowed to lie in the arms of this beautiful creature every night. Sara, you are my light and happiness... I will stand by you always, and I will proudly be your husband and take you away to make our family... Thank you for wanting in, and letting me in. We're almost there, close your eyes and keep fighting... I will be with you, even past my end. I swear it.