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captains log 319.... 2000-12-13 23:27:42
by pogo
Ok, i got this fucking weird ass network monitor working, well, more like responding to pings.
I no longer have exams or school, so i plan to finish shit i started, and redo the browser gimmick. but this time, i decode the urls, and not make IE do the work for me. Plus it will work under console of linux. I'll come up with something. Now then, on to satan.
the beast comes in the form of a laptop from hell. It is fast enough to run, but not enough to run _WELL_. Well i take that back. It runs fine, just doesn't compile worth a damn. Now then, if you want to suck my balls, be my guest.
Oh yeah, mark got drunk, broke his leg, now i sue him for suing me for sexing his mother's sister's uncle's daughter, who is 29. Go figure, wtf was i thinking? ^_^