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vocab words for you 2000-12-13 04:23:02
by marasmus
regarding Beau, the following come to mind:

skid marks.

racing strips.

runway markers.

If you don't understand, it's okay. you don't want to. :)

Crimmus' time iz speshul fo'us all. Gladly, it's not special in the same way for us all. For me, this time of year quite thoroughly invalidates any good measures or actions by any christian, as this 'holiday' somehow requires that we all lie to ourselves and be nice and civil to everyone for one day. I can't stand the mentality that it's okay to be nice to someone just for that one day, and that'll somehow make you a good person... Pick one path or the other: nice, or rude, every day, night, hour, and minute of the whole damn year.

This is the first time i'm actually not broke for christmas. This is the first time I have no personal desire to have anything to do with it either. I've just grown jaded of a religion that has gotten to its present state by misrepresenting paegan holidays and festivities, throwing a saint's (or jesus' name) on the top, and cutting a few heads. I can't think of an overtly superior method of invalidating your religion than to claim to have little or nothing to do with paeganism while making pocket change off of its holidays and saying they're your own. It's the exact business model used by Microsoft, except Microsoft buys out other software companies, changes 3 lines of code, and re-releases the program under a different name and brand (theirs). I do not know of a _single_ product made by Microsoft that is entirely their own from beginning of product cycle to end. The only one i can think of (which is still unverified) is MS Bob, which was the most dismal failure of 1996.

So back to the vocab...




Beau left racing strips on his sheets cause wiping his arse was too complicated.

dirty bitch.