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2:00 a.m 2000-12-12 05:14:41
by caridwen
obrien: heyt don't feel bad about christmas.. i'm a broke bitch mahself, can't get anybody anything. But considering my sister and chris are giving everyone pictures of themselves cause they're gonna move into their own place, and both my parents are broke, it isn't so horrible. As for Adam, I'll get him a 9 inch strap-on and see if he has a thing for stickin' shit in his ass like Stale does.

As for the weird person with the stupid name (whats up with that shit, anyway) I suggest borrowing a pair of gardening sheers, rubber gloves, and a very small rubber band. Then, go find the sum-bitch and have a couple friends tie him down. After you convience him you really are gonna cut off his balls, I'll bet money he wets himself. Make sure you have a camera ready, snap a couple photos, completely humiliate him, then scan those fuckers and email his grandparents.

Oh! don't forget a can of raid! My uncle got crabs once from this hooker he had bought, and he asked my dad what he should do about it. Pops said to spray his stuff with raid, cause they're bugs and whatnot. Welp, my uncle isn't a very bright person, and five mintues after Dad gave him this advice, the whole family heard screaming from the bathroom. My grandparents ran to the door and opened it to find my Uncle Bill with no pants on, a can of raid in one hand, and the crown jewels in the other. After everybody stopped laughing, they took Bill to the hospital and all was well. Catch my drift?

Anyway, I think I'm becoming bored with guys agian. My whole bi-curiosity thing is rearing it's head and I keep finding myself checking out the chicks in Victoria Secret commericals. Spooky. If scientists are right and the natural state of female sexuality of bisexuality, then it's all good. I just hope I don't become a man-hating bulldyke who plays field hockey and has no neck. This is becoming a tangent, I'ma go sleep before I hurt myself.