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God Bless America 2000-12-11 04:13:47
by caridwen
obrien: suggestion, there are tons of personal injury lawyer's in this country willing to do a free consulation if you've "been injured in an accident". If they think your friend has a case, they can sue the pants off the guy and get your friend a couple million if he's lucky, and if not, atleast his medical bills paid. There's prolly atleast one around your area that won't charge you more then fifty cents if the case is lost, so your friend should be able to get that shit taken care of.
If nothing else, take a trip to the county courthouse and look up the laws... Hell, if a guy in L.A who tried mugging some guy in an alley only to have a gun pulled on him and get shot in the calf can sue his shooter and win a couple million, your friend has an open and shut case.. Then agian, L.A is in california and we're just fucking crazy out here.
go fig.