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euthanasia 2000-12-08 15:38:05
by obrien
Your little rant about old people reminds me of a little story that Kris, the Navy medic skinhead tattoo artist guy told me.

Being an RN, he worked at some little clinic in Texas. He'd do the shit that the doctor was too "busy" to do, like taking your blood pressure and scheduling follow-up appointments. What he loved to do to the geriatric bitches that needed to schedule another appointment was say (rather quietly, because you know those old bastards can't hear) "OK, the doctor instructed me to schedule an appointment in 2 weeks to have you put to sleep." Of course, they'd say, "Excuse me? Speak up." and he'd tell them he was scheduling an appointment for a prostate exam or whatever the hell they needed...

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we did euthanise old people. I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of shit for saying this, but with all these advances in medicine and the quality of life, people are living way too long. People used to live to be 60, maybe 70 tops, and shit was good. Now people are living to be 100 and older and we're still poppin out kids at the same rate. Once people are too old to work, speak, feed themselves and wipe their own ass, what the hell are they still doing alive???? It used to be that if you got old, slow, and decrepit, you'd be picked off by a mountain lion or a pack of wolves or something...

And as for old people driving, they're fucking old. They're not going to go out on Friday and get drunk with a bunch of friends ('cause all their friends are dead), they're not working, they aren't gonna check out Ybor to try to get some ass. They might leave their house twice a week, to go to church and to go to the store. Maybe 3 times a week if they play bingo. They have the fucking time to sit on a goddamn bus.