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ho ho ho you motherfuckers.... 2000-12-05 18:27:56
by caridwen
obrien: congrats on the new ink.. very good taste in design. but the whole description of tiny needles and what not made me almost retch in my breakfast.. I cannot stand needles, _at all_ and I think your description is gonna be one of those things a person thinks about whenever they have nothing else to do.. and I have a lot of that kinda time on my hands... augh..

Anyway! Off to go get my contacts (hoorah!), then decorate this bitchy as fuck tree we got. Then I'ma scream over the horrors of christmas like I do every year, and my sister Karen is gonna pelt me with salad, like she does every year, and we can have a fun time cause salad ain't capitalist chrismas bullshit.. yet...