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contradictions of sorts 2000-12-04 10:51:11
by marasmus
"When your mind is obsessed with anything, it will find it anywhere... 216 steps from the street corner to your apartment, ... 216... When you give up your academic rigor, you are no longer a mathematician - you are a numerlogist." - From the Movie Pi

Today I choose the argument of rationalism. The most important word in that sentence was "Today" because I will most likely choose a different point of view for tomorrow. As many people in this little click know, I have certain very strongly ingrained beliefs about spirituality, spiritual or energy forces, and the like. I have had very particular experiences involving these subjects as well. However, none can dispute the importance of my discriminating skepticism, even upon my own experiences. Such discrimination is critical to properly observe and understand such things (to whatever extent we are capable)...

I'd just like to state that objectivity is the critical key that keeps misinterperetation to a minimum. The observation that the clouds do not move quickly as we run through a field does not mean that the clouds are running with us! However, if carefully observed, the clouds may be moving slowly in the same direction. We are rarely wrong in the entirety of our interperetations, but these misinterperetations end up drawing new conclusions that differ further and further from rationality.

There is a balance between rationality and faith, where both instances can exist harmoniously. It's not a wide line, so it must be followed carefully to remain neutral. If you can use one viewpoint's arguments to prove the points of the other side (bidirectionally), you're doing a good job of remaining objective, criticizing both rationality and faith.

That's all for now. *steps off soapbox*