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Memes 2000-12-04 00:17:12
by succy
Hey, anyone ever heard of the science of Memetics? If not, it's something you should learn about. Perhaps "enlightenment" will occur somewhere in your head. Something that might make you realize that you are perpetually allowing yourself to act as the vehicle for a virus which spreads itself, duplicating itself throughout society (alot like a strand of DNA), and in many cases, the world. This virus (meme) is a mind virus which very much effects the manner in which you think, respond to, say, do, wear, recognize things, etc..You may at one point even convince yourself that you've thought of something "original", when alas, you've actually been subconsciously influenced by your environment. Hell, it apparantly affects the manner in which certain people who post frequently on this list present their thoughts in text form. Kind of sad really, as it does tend to make one appear as if they're a victim to their own loss of creativity, or perhaps, confidance in one's self. Wow.. maybe they've even stopped allowing themselves to think and are just letting their environment think for them...hmmm.... Stroke the author of "Virus of the Mind"'s ego here.