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wanton human sacrifice 2000-12-03 23:25:20
by marasmus
Well damn Chev, if you end up getting out of this forsaken plot of normalcy and high-density pinkness, I'll be the first to miss your ass, and hopefully the first to visit. Build me a shag shack, and I'll be sure to desecrate your new place in whatever manner I can muster! :) We still need to get you DreamWeaver, so you can make sadistic Flash animations of us doing crazy shit. I, for one, would LOVE to see a flash animation of Scrantoine's conversation with Malaysian girl (I'm picturing the Jelly Donut scene right now)!

As far as the ouja (sp?) board deal - the only real annoyance I get from it is the belittling of culture that is done by the commercialist machine of Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers or Adolf Hitler, whoever sold that damn thing in stores. It belittles the spiritualistic belief of gypsy and other similarly-practicing cultures, and feeds it to our kids in a mocking fashion like they're chewable flintstone vitamins! Personally, I'm all-for the attacking and dismantling of any religion or system of belief for the sake of increased knowledge and understanding. There's no better way to get to understand something than to take it apart and put it back together again. However, absurd misinformation and profiteering from making a poor excuse of a mockery of a religion or system of belief is just pathetic, on any level. It's another case of putting blame in the right hands: everyone's.

Maybe this is a sociopathic view of sorts. However, if this particular situation is blamed on the purchasers, that essentially claims the asshole marketing company was in the right. However, their kids are probably buying the game anyways, so they're still in the wrong and should die. If the marketers/creators are blamed, that essentially claims the customers are ignorant, innocent, sheepish little grazers who just got misled by a naughty game creator. Survival of the fittest certainly does not favor a herded society lacking individuals capable of individual thought, decision, and action. There is a reason why we build houses while sheep graze in the grass - we don't herd like sheep.... supposedly.

More often than believed, the Chev is right again... Mysterious things, actions, and practices (hell, even ordinary ones) 'become powerful' only by the will (conscious or subconscious) of the participants and spectators. A stick to me is a stick. To someone in the desert, it could very well be a divining rod. It could very well find him water. Such stories don't come up without it occuring at least a couple times... It sure as hell wouldn't find me anything, because I don't believe the item has any power.

rant rant rant rant rant. It clears the sinuses.