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*BOO* 2000-12-03 21:58:12
by scrantoine
Damn, its been a while since I posted here. Got some minor news and such. First off, I missed the Incubus and Deaftones concert on the 1st. Damnit. There was a screw up along the communication lines and I thought I could get some free tickets when it turned out I couldn't. The person who was supposed to inform me of this didn't and I finally heard about it the night of the show an hour before it started. Finals are about to rear their ugly and mishapen heads around here and we are all a bit on edge. I have only one I need to be concerned with....Anthropology. Do you know what the dental formula for the Aye-aye is? I do, but who the fuck cares?!?! It has zero meaning in almost anyone's life and I have to know it....weak. Sociology is great because we get to drop the lowest test score we get..that includes the final. Christmas is comming early in the form of a very nice tree on my scantron. I'm officially hooked on this website-based Diablo spoof...check it out here. Thats about it for now, time to kick back and check out my matrix-wannabe porn.