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If you were dead you'd be bored too... 2000-12-03 20:29:44
by chevy
Actually the concept of summoning spirits for conversation is far from stupid, if you think about it logically anyone who is not convinced of their existence could be scared into being a little less close minded if your lucky enough get a particularly spunky dead guy, on the other hand if your afraid of being possessed by an "EVIL" spirit then I guess you should go hide under your bed with a abg of pills and a 2liter pepsi, sorry to tell you, but a demon does'nt need you to go thru a ritual or sacrifice a goat to get under your skin, they have always been whispering in our ears... bottom line is that if your gifted enough, you will be able to sense spirits around you, and if you really can speak with the dead then you know you don't need to summon them because there always there. As for the board, tools only have the power that we give them and if you give a piece of 5.99 cardboard the power to scare or maim then that's what it will do....