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Have dang... will travel. 2000-12-03 11:28:11
by chevy
Well, just so you all know Sara and I are going to be leaving around mid January. She will be graduating from JC on the 17th and we were going to stick around for awhile, but after careful consideration we have decided that the state of Florida is about as close to Hell as you can get in the US and we want to get some land in the mountains... so in about 2 months we're gonna try our luck out west. We've already sent out inquries on land and hopefully our combined credit can get us some woods and hills to run naked thru and scream at the moon until our throats hurt without getting arrested. If all works out and the man don't hold us down too much then you'll all get invited out for the first annual "bomerwang festival of evil and poontang" sometime in October. Sara has told everybody she wants to marry me on Devil's Night of next year... so if we can't fly you out we will probably rent a bus and pick everybody up...WHOOO!! ROADTRIP!!!! Anyways I got my tests back and I don't got the HIV!!! Death is no longer the only way out, well except for YOU forge,you greasy italian FUCK !!!! All my buds message me so we can raise some hell before we leave... happy hannakuh and eat my shit!