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Thou shalt not wedgie thine enemies.... 2000-12-03 06:36:28
by caridwen
Ouja boards annoy me. Milton Bradley took a very serious experiance and made it a party favor. By handling the board you put your own energy into it, tainting it and whatever it can tell you. So by default, every person who's handled that board has tainted it with their energy, therefore making it more dangerous. Make one yourself if you want a real experiance. It's cleaner.
But then agian, the whole concept of summoning spirits to come and tell you answers to your questions seems a tad stupid to me. Doing it with a $5.99 piece of cardboard with written instructions on the back of the box seems a bit more stupid to me.
If you're gonna start talking to spiritual beings, I suggest just a little more tact.. but hey, that's just my opinion...

Anyway, I'ma go back to chillin' wit my frozen fingers and plot a way to scan my boobs and not have it turn out all sp00ky-like.