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MUAHAHA....... 2000-04-18 01:17:00
by pogo
Oh boy!W00! Found some cool info today! Good to see my bro Vahman is for the rest of the vectorstar gang....Stalemeat, Forge, Marasmus....WESSSIDE! I'm on crack. SOON I will take over the world, with the help of the brain and pinky. WAKKO, YAKKO, DOT...OMG! And i leave with a simple thought for you to ponder, with a correct answer for you as well....

If you are driving you jetski in the desert, and the wheel comes off, How many bones does it take to build a dog house?

Night boys, and to my fat friend, I talked to you, but i still think you suck. And your axin bout linux doesn't help. Pay $80 for redhat....I don't even wanna start....I'll freak out!