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effervescent clocks in the jaw 2000-11-29 12:07:48
by marasmus
Obrien: well, i might be able to help you if we're playing on the same server...

I'm planning on playing long-term on Tampa Bay Mud ( and MudDweller ( If you're on a different server, speak!

Speaking of MajorMUD... my unix client is coming along *very* well. i haven't had it crash on me yet (it got caught in an infinite loop somehow yesterday), and i've been fighting some mean stuff with it. hasn't broken yet today, other than the new features i'm tryin to add. It tends to run too much and fight only when convenient, so i'm going to have to add some sort of extra enemy checking.

script programming can be extremely ghetto. Trying to match up serial logic with human logic is pretty tough. don't try this at home.