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i'm such a lackey 2000-11-27 14:37:34
by marasmus
starting last wednesday, i've been playing around with MajorMUD again... good, old-fashioned text D RPG. There are a ton of servers on the net running the game, and now I've just got to decide which one i'm going to primarily play.

The reason i bring this up... I used to have these c0re ass scripts that i wrote that would run around in the game and get my guy lots of experience. Well.... my particular scripts aren't useable unless i can manage to get a hold of Procomm Plus 2.1/Windows, which is rare as all hell and won't run under Windows 2000 anyways. So, instead of using MegaMud or one of the other automated clients for MajorMUD (since they all have shatty problems with them), i'm writing one in perl to run on a unix shell. It'll use perl scripts to dance and prance. It'll (obviously) be open-source, and it'll use a standard language instead of some broken ass interperative dance shit like those other clients. It'll run on unix (but this version probably won't run on windows). It'll kick your ass. Best of all, it'll be free.

I've already built the infrastructure of it (and it works very well)... it'll probably be useable by the end of the week. I'll see about making it available for any of you slackers who wanna hook up on it locally.

I think the only person on here who actually remembers MajorMUD from its debut days would be o'brien... back before people even had scripts :) Well the game's still just as cool, if not cooler, so everyone should bandwagon my arse and learn to play MajorMUD.