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piss me off even more 2000-11-26 23:00:55
by pogo
ok, so i make a shitload of posts.
it seems that some pig fucker is selling a dec alpha machine, similar to one i was going to purchase about a month ago.
I call him 'pig fucker', as instead of selling the ENTIRE machine, he is selling EACH FUCKING PART. mb and cpu. case (no power supply, just case). POWER SUPPLY. what was going to be a sale is now just a rant.
it's a load of shit. needless to say i'm on the road to dev land, as i got my dev machine working, all the problems stemmed from a BAD CPU. dunno how or why on the bad, but i changed the cpu and works like a charm.
So, in short, if you are gonna sell a machine "you had fun with", fucking sell it, not in parts... i didn't sell bitchy in parts ;)